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Judo is a Japanese martial art and an Olympic sport practiced by millions of people worldwide. It is an excellent form of physical activity and competitive sport suitable for men and women of all ages.  The  Japanese word “Judo” literally means the “way of gentleness”. Judo was founded in 1882 in Japan by a young scholar named Jigoro Kano (1860-1938).  Judo derives its roots from Jujutsu’s ancient combat techniques.  Professor Kano saw the value of physical exercise and mental discipline that jujutsu could provide and wanted to incorporate it into the newly emerging Japanese public educational system.   However, jujutsu had many dangerous techniques which were not suitable for practice as a sport, so Jigoro Kano adapted and transformed it to develop "Kodokan" Judo and today Judo is a part of the physical educational program for Japanese students.

Kodokan Judo is based on two key principles: “maximum efficiency, minimum effort” and “mutual welfare and benefit”.   Its aim is to teach how a smaller and weaker person can subdue a larger and stronger opponent by efficiently using one’s own strength.  Mutual welfare means both practitioners will benefit equally.

Today’s modern Judo has changed little from Jigoro Kano’s days.  Modern Judo combines techniques of Olympic Judo and traditional Judo; elite training for developing young and future champions while emphasizing the main goal of traditional judo which is character perfection and through the study and practice of the art of throwing, immobilization techniques, and submission techniques such as chokes and arm locks.  All these techniques are taught and practiced safely for both recreational and competitive members.  Master Kano died before he could realize his dream to see Judo accepted as an Olympic Sport.  In 1964, Judo was officially accepted into the Olympics.

Takahashi Dojo follows the traditions and principles of Jigoro Kano’s Kodokan Judo.  According to Professor  Kano, “Judo is a teaching for life itself and with it we learn to overcome the pitfalls and obstacles of everyday living”.

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