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AIKIDO: The Way of Harmony

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Perhaps the youngest of Japan's martial arts, Aikido is known by many of its practitioners as "the way of harmony." Nonetheless, this martial art can trace its past to Japan's feudal age and in its previous form it was practiced by the samurai as a way of dealing with armed attackers if they found themselves unarmed on the battlefield. The techniques of aikido include strikes, pins and throws.
Gozo Shioda,Yoshinkan Aikido founder.

The Yoshinkan Style

Yoshinkan refers to a style of aikido that is more precise than other aikido styles. It is unique in its strong emphasis on basic movements (kihon dosa) and basic techniques (kihon waza). Repeated training in basic movements and techniques fosters the development of a strong centre line (chushin ryoku) and the ability to focus power (shuchu ryoku). Training in the basics also helps develop strength, flexibility and mental discipline. Consequently, Yoshinkan aikido depends on technique rather than on upper body strength. It can, therefore, be practiced by anyone regardless of age or gender.
Takeshi Kimeda sensei (9th Dan AYF)

Yoshinkan Aikido At The Takahashi Dojo
We offer world-class instruction in Yoshinkan Aikido to individuals of all skill levels. All of our instructors have obtained their Dan (black belt) certificates from, and are registered with, the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. Our head instructor, Hans de Groot sensei (4th Dan AYF), is a student of Takeshi Kimeda sensei (9th Dan AYF), who brought Yoshinkan Aikido to North America. We teach effective self-defence techniques in a respectful, non-aggressive and non-competitive environment. In the words of Kimeda sensei, the benefits of training in Yoshinkan Aikido are described as, “It’s mind, body and soul and how to deal with everyday life.”
03honbujapanTraining at the Honbu (headquarters) Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. In the front row with Kimeda sensei are Chartrand sensei (3rd from the left) and de Groot sensei (6th from the right)

Aikido Gallery
Weapons demonstration at the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada

Empty hand demonstration at the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada

Saturday morning keiko (training) with Kimeda sensei

Sokumen irimi nage (side step-in throw)

Kokyu nage (breath/timing throw)

Nikajo (2nd control) pin

20th anniversary of Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa (2014)

Group photo at the Takahashi Dojo

Shiho nage osae (all direction pin)

Successful Kyu testing candidates

Chris Johnston sensei (6th Dan) in action (shiho nage)

Paul Gagliano sensei (7th Dan) in action (shomen iriminage)


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